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We print our flags on fabric using direct dye sublimation. Our material is light weight and rated for 3-6 months when continuously used outdoors.

  • One Side - image is visible on one side only; reverse image is visible through the back.

  • Two sided - Two flags are printed one-sided and then sewn together with a block out liner between.


Flags & Sail Signs

Make a big impact using flags and sail signs.

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Digital Graffiti offers sail signs in three different shapes with a variety of base options:

  • Teardrop 6ft, 8ft, 11.5 ft

  • Razor​ : 7ft, 9ft, 13ft, 17ft​

  • Rectangle​ : 7ft, 10ft, 14.5ft​

Base Options: 

  • 4 leg standard - indoor

  • Heavy duty cross foot - outdoor

  • Spike - outdoor.

Sail Signs


Tear Drop


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